Why become a breastfeeding friendly facility?

  • Attract new customers and improve existing customer loyalty
  • Help improve overall customer service
  • It is good for your image, and will promote your business or service
  • When families feel welcome, they are likely to stay longer, spend more and come back
  • A mother has the right to feed her child in any public place. Resistance to this is against the law

Breastfeeding gives lifelong health benefits, however negative attitudes can be a barrier to breastfeeding in public places, community or family settings.

By helping make it easier for women to breastfeed, you will be making a positive contribution to the health of our community – both now and in the future.

Breastfeeding scenarios to upskill staff

Scenario 1: A customer catches your attention and complains about another customer breastfeeding her child. What do you do?

a). Go and tell the mother that feeding her child is offending another customer and that she must stop

b). Explain where the toilet is and tell her she is more than welcome to feed in there

c). Tell the complaining customer that the café is a breastfeeding friendly facility and are supportive of breastfeeding customers.

d). If the mother hears the complaint, reassure the mother she is welcome to continue breastfeeding her child as it is a breastfeeding friendly facility

Answer c and d: It is a mothers and child’s right to breastfeed in any public place. It is against the law to ask the mother to stop breastfeeding. Toilets are not an appropriate place to feed a child. Would you ask another customer to eat in a toilet?

Scenario 2: You hear a fellow staff member making offending comments of a customer breastfeeding her child in earshot. What do you do?

a). Agree, and join in conversation loudly so customer can hear

b). Point out that the facility is a breastfeeding friendly venue and they are part of the B.U.R.P app and are supportive of breastfeeding

c). Bring up with management that a reminder of what it means to be breastfeeding friendly venue would be beneficial

d). Tell the customer that breastfeeding is not welcome and they must leave.

Answer b and c: The venue is committed to making breastfeeding customers feel welcome, regardless of personal opinion. Perhaps even engage in a conversation why the staff member finds breastfeeding offensive

Scenario 3: A customer asks where she can feed her child. What do you do?

a). Tell the customer she is welcome to feed anywhere also letting her know where the low comfortable seating is

b). Pretend you don’t hear her

c). Tell her breastfeeding is not allowed on the premises

d). Take a glass of water to the mother once explaining she is welcome to breastfeed

Answer a and d: This shows that you are a committed BURP venue and acknowledge mums and babies as part of our community. Regardless, it exemplifies fantastic service!

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